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I stared for a while. I get so confused in these moments. I think back to all the times that my life needed an emotion, or a feeling, and there was nothing there. In this moment, watching a tree branch dance on top of a field as a soft wind passes by… …it brings me back. Thoreau nods his head.
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If I can’t be good, I might as well be good and drunk b a d c
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Bad moon rising b a d c

From Tatshenshini-alesk
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Esplanade Bay, Kinbasket Lake, British Columbia, Canada, Earth #campbrandgoods #keepitwild b a d c

I’ve been away canoeing & camping on Maligne Lake in Jasper. It was fantastic. This is from one of my visits to Spirit Island from our campsite just a 1/2 hour away by canoe by The 10 cent designer on Flickr.
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rag & bone Spring 2015 Portrait Series - Andreea Diaconu
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